Welcome to Netvrk
Netvrk Intro
Netvrk is a multichain metaverse built on Unreal Engine, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education, and e-commerce, all built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine was chosen for it's unrivaled graphical capabilities, as well as it's ability to scale. Its high fidelity and rich features provides the perfect foundation for a blockchain metaverse. Unreal Engine is increasingly being used in the film & TV industry, architecture, simulations, live events, extended reality (XR) and of course, games. With the recent reveal of Unreal Engine 5, photorealistic graphics are now achievable. When it comes to what Netvrk can achieve being built on Unreal Engine, the sky is the limit.

Multichain Metaverse

Netvrk will integrate and support multiple blockchains in it's metaverse, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, BSC Chain, XRPL, Flare, Elrond, Phantasma, Hedera, and more. In line with building a true metaverse, it is only fitting that we support a multitude of blockchains, each with their own strengths, communities, and capabilities.
Utilizing API and backend integration, projects from any of the above blockchains will be able to seemlessly integrate into Netvrk Metaverse.
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