🕴️Mint Avatars

Avatar Types

Currently, there are 2 Avatars (Adam & Eve) and 1 Companion (Quanto)

How to Mint

1) Click on "AVATARS" to start minting your avatars. On this page, you can review the avatars available for minting.

  • In the sidebar, you'll see the avatars available for minting. Click the checkbox to select/deselect the avatars you want to mint. You may also click "Select All" to select all your lands.

2) After making your selections, go ahead and click "MINT PREVIEW" to begin minting! You'll see a pop-up with a list of avatars you selected for minting. Click "MINT NOW" to proceed.

3) Your crypto wallet menu should now pop-up with details of your transaction. After reviewing the information, click on "Confirm" to finalize the minting transaction. Please wait a few moments for the transaction to process.

4) If the transaction was successful, you should see a "MINT REPORT" pop-up with details of the avatars you minted.

Congrats! You are now officially a proud owner of NetVRk Avatars! Now, let's move on to minting Bonus Packs.

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