Netvrk Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When did the $NTVRK token launch? A: May 21, 2021 Q: How can I buy land? A: You may use any of the links listed in Links under NFT Collections. Q: How can I tell if the NFT I am buying is real or fake? A: It's always wise to only use Netvrk's official links to Verified Collections Links. You can always check the NFT contract address as well, listed in Contracts. Be aware: When buying on OpenSea, for instance, make sure to look for the 'Created by' field under the Description tab, which should read that it was created by Netvrk. Be aware that scammers will often use similar looking names to try and trick you.
Q: How many total parcels of land are there? A: 15,000 total. Q: Where is Netvrk based? A: Netvrk consists of a decentralized worldwide team, with various areas of expertise, spanning many countries and continents. Q: How can I or my company collaborate with Netvrk? A: Please contact us here Contact Q: How do I access Netvrk? A: Once the platform is live, you will be able to access it using a PC, with future support for mobile.
Q: What engine is Netvrk built on? A: Unreal Engine 5.
Q: What is the best way to hear the latest news about Netvrk? A: Follow our social media links and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.
Last modified 1yr ago