Netvrk Frequently Asked Questions

Project FAQ

Q: What is NetVRk?
A: NetVRk is a fully scoped, multi-chain metaverse where gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, education, and social enrichment co-exist in one interactive environment.
Q: Do you have an office?
A: NetVRk is a fully remote studio which allows us to work with people from all over the world.
Q: Where's the roadmap?
A: Roadmap
Q: What is NetVRk built on?
A: Unreal Engine 5, which boasts high-fidelity graphics that result in a stunning virtual world where avatars, landscapes, and experiences all look their best.
Q: What are the required specs to run the NetVRk metaverse?
  • OS: Windows 10 or newer (64-bit)
  • Processor: i7-7700K or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970, RX 570 or similar
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 or newer (64-bit)
  • Processor: i7-11700K or equivalent
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: RTX 3070, RX 6800 or similar
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB
Q: Will the metaverse be developed for Mac?
A: There are currently no plans on Mac support in the near future.
Q: How will the Alpha version be released?
A: There will be a series of Alpha's released leading up to the Beta launch. These releases will be concentrated during a limited time period such as during a specific day or weekend. We're doing this to ensure that enough people are there, as this is a multi-player game. This will ensure that the different experiences will be interesting for everyone who is joining. This way will also enable us to gather as much information as possible and improve upon before the next release, making sure that bugs won't be there for several weeks before we are able to release an update.
Q: Will I need a VR headset to play NetVRk?
A: NetVRk will be fully accessible by PC from launch. VR and mobile functionality will be added at a later date.
Q: When building on the land will there be a cost associated with it?
A: The game developer would use the editor tool for simple actions like building and assembling structures and use Unreal Engine for more complicated things like creating in game assets etc. - you will pay for marketplace content that is not freemium.
Q: What are the red dots on the map?
A: It's been named Trillionaire's Row, more info to follow.
Q: What are the portal looking areas?
A: They are NetVRk Centers and will feature content from NetVRk, events and public gatherings as well as portal activity.


Q: When did the legacy $NTVRK token launch?
A: May 21, 2021
Q: When was the token updated to $NETVR?
A: Jan 16, 2024
Q: How do I add the $NETVR token to my wallet?
A: Import tokens > Custom token
$NETVR (Ethereum): 0x52498F8d9791736f1D6398fE95ba3BD868114d10
$NETVR (Polygon): 0x3558887f15b5b0074dC4167761DE14A6DFcb676e
Q: What are the in-game currencies and how is their utility compared to the NETVR token?
A: There are two in-game currencies; Energy and NetVRk Coin. Energy is gained from in-game action, like Mine Runner. NetVRk Coin is brought into the world by exchanging either NETVR or fiat money. There will be transactions in the game that will require Energy, while others will require NetVRk Coin. We will encourage using NETVR token to purchase NetVRk Coin by awarding them at a discount over fiat, but we want to allow fiat purchases because of the pool of players who haven't yet learned how to use blockchain.
The other utility for NETVR will be with the Creation Engine and the Marketplace. NFT sales, either those created by our development team or, maybe more importantly, those created through the Creation Engine and those from outside brands, will be done through NETVR sales. We have a number of brands and celebrities that want to have space in the NetVRk Metaverse and want to bring their products in. The NETVR chain will be the way they do so.
Q: What is the max supply of land?
A: 15,000
Q: How do I buy land and other NFT's?
A: You can buy land on OpenSea and other marketplaces. Make sure you only use links from Links
Q: Can I rent my land, transport and other NFT's to others?
A: Yes, you will be able to rent them to other users.
Q: Can I stake my NFT's?
A: Yes, you can stake land and transports, as well as the bonus pack to earn a multiplier on your rewards: Staking
Please note that apart from staking NFTs you are also required to fulfill certain participation requirements in order to receive your share of the staking rewards. Read more here.
Q: When I go to stake my NFTs it is saying that it will get access to move all my NFTs, what does this mean?
A: When approving a staking contract with NetVRk it will grant the specific smart contract the rights to move any NFTs in the specific collection only, such as land or transport. This means that if you approve this transaction to stake your land you will need to approve another transaction to stake your transport. This is done to save gas so you don't need to approve each NFT individually. Also note that this does not affect any of your other NFTs you have with other projects. After you have completed the staking process you can revoke the access via the site
Q: What do I earn by staking?
A: Any token that goes into the NetVRk Reserve will be distributed 1:1, meaning any fees collected in ETH will be distributed in ETH, and any fees collected in NETVR will be distributed in NETVR.
Q: How can I tell if the NFT I am buying is real or fake?
A: It's always wise to only use NetVRk's official links to Verified Collections Links. You can always check the NFT contract address as well, listed in Contracts. Be aware: When buying on OpenSea, for instance, make sure to look for the 'Created by' field under the Description tab, which should read that it was created by NetVRk. Be aware that scammers will often use similar looking names to try and trick you.

Mine Runner FAQ

Q: What is Mine Runner?
A: It's the first Play & Earn game in the NetVRk Metaverse ecosystem. Mine Runner is built on Unreal Engine 5 and it also works as a foundation for the metaverse, such as getting the back-end structure, economy and much more in place.
Q: How do I get started?
A: You can play Mine Runner for free, all you need is an account. Download the game and create your account on the Mine Runner site.
Q: How do I start to earn in Mine Runner?
A: You'll need to craft an axe in the game. The price to craft an axe is 500 NetVRk Coins and you can buy these Coins on the Mine Runner site. You can pay with the NETVR token on either Ethereum or Polygon as well as with a debit/credit card. Once you have NetVRk Coins on your account you can craft axes in the game by going to the Premium Store right in the beginning. Now you're good to go and you'll be able to earn metacrite which you can sell.
Q: When I craft a new axe, is it all down to chance or does my game progress matter?
A: Everyone has the exact same chance to craft a rare axe no matter of their progress in the game.
Q: I can't see the key bindings in the bottom of the screen, how do I fix this?
A: To fix this, once in the game, press [ESC], enter the "Settings" menu, go to the "Mouse/Keyboard" tab, and click "Reset All Bindings"
Q: How many sectors are there?
A: 25
Q: How do I connect more than one wallet to my account? A:
  1. 1.
    Disconnect the first linked wallet
  2. 2.
    Connect your new wallet
  3. 3.
    Link the new wallet using same process as of the first wallet
Q: What does the power boost do?
A: They increase the chance of metacrite drops when using a crafted axe.
Q: What benefits do I get from leveling up my user?
A: As you level up your user in the Mine Runner game, you will experience several enhancements. Firstly, your ability to deal melee damage will increase, making you more potent in combat situations. Secondly, you'll become more resilient, receiving less damage from attacks or hazards. In addition, you'll require fewer swings to mine veins, enhancing your mining efficiency. Finally, your special abilities will deal more damage, increasing your overall effectiveness in the game. Leveling up in Mine Runner not only improves your performance but also enriches your gaming experience.
Q: What do the roman numbers mean on the abilities?
A: They are ability tiers, so a higher number means more damage.
Q: If I die, do I have to start over?
A: If you reach a certain sector you'll be able to start from a later stage in the game going forward when you start to play:
Reach sector 11 and you can start from sector 6
Reach sector 16 and you can start from sector 11
Reach sector 21 and you can start from sector 16
Finish the game and you can start from sector 21
Q: Why are some avatars available and some not?
A: NFT avatars on Ethereum are gated, this means that you'll need to own an NFT from that collection in order to play with the avatar. NFT avatars that are not on Ethereum are currently available for everyone to play with until we integrate more blockchains to read wallets.
Q: Where do I report bugs and feedback?

Contact FAQ

Q: How can I or my company collaborate with NetVRk?
A: Please contact us here Contact
Q: What is the best way to hear the latest news about NetVRk?
A: Follow our social media links.
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