Metaverse Districts and Biomes

The world is divided into both Districts and Biomes, and these two categories overlap at points.

Districts explain the expected featured experiences planned by the development team to be in that area. This desired distinction is not a restriction on the content of users or partners on their own parcels, other than with the Adult district.

Below is a list of the districts as they are currently planned.

A. Adult - Examples may include gambling and other mature themes.

B. Business - A district for organizations working with B2B interests.

C. Creative - The district that caters to arts and creative expression.

D. Education - The district where learning, from vocational to higher learning, is found.

E. Entertainment - All manner of media entertainment can be found in this district.

Biomes are the natural theming for a given area's terrain, flora, and geographic elements. These internal development guidelines may impact the development done by landowners in these areas. For example, the selection of plants or terrain features available for construction and landscaping on your land in a particular area may be limited to those provided to the development team for that biome. This styling is done to maintain a cohesive aesthetic of the biome, lending to the goal of immersion in the world.

The biomes in development are Alien, Boreal, Desert, Grassland, Marine, Moon, Savanna, Subtropical, Swamp, Temperate, Tropical, and Tundra.

The central most area of Genesis Islands contains the Server Room, the origin location for players entering the NetVRk metaverse for the first time. This area is a social area that includes shopping, entertainment, and public transportation to all other areas of the map.

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