Land Unlocking (Portals)

The NetVRk development team has adopted a land-unlocking model that employs lessons from other projects in this space. Opening up a massive world while the player base is still growing has led other projects to a sparse, ill-attended, and barren reputation. The NetVRk metaverse will unlock over time, growing as the player base expands. This means that the social spaces will be vibrant with interaction from the various different user communities with which we are engaged.

The first Beta release will include the central most portion of the map, an area in the Desert biome where the foundational driving features will be enabled, and a portion of the Alien Biome where creature gameplay will be enabled.

Moving from location to location will be possible through our portal system in this first year's worth of releases. Portals in the final version will enable fast travel for a cost to encourage the use of the vehicle and transport system, but in these early releases, this travel will be free of charge.

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