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Netvrk users can use the Creation Engine to design their own blockchain games. The intuitive toolset will allow users to choose from a wide array of premade assets, as well as the ability to create custom assets and create their own customized game experience.
Users can also select one of Netvrkโ€™s pre-made game templates, such as the MineRunner or Battle Royale game, and use those as a foundation for their game. Then they can customize and re-design it to their liking.
User-generated games can also be monetized. The creator can determine the rewards pools and entry fees, as well as charging for advertising space.

Once fully implemented, the Creation Engine tool suite will allow creators to build all levels of assets to help to populate the Metaverse, earning both Energy and NTVRK in the process. Builders can produce items as small as house furnishing or as large as full buildings. Clothing lines, avatar customizations, and vehicles are also within the scope of what the Creation Engine can empower. As this feature becomes more in focus, more details about these use cases will be made available.

The Netvrk Marketplace will be created to facilitate the listing and sale of such inworld game items created by users, as well as metaverse items created by the development team and our partners. The marketplace is designed to provide the highest reward to creators and the most direct way to purchase items into the Netvrk metaverse.
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