Netvrk Reserve

The Power Behind Netvrk's Finances and Community Development
Netvrk Reserve
The Netvrk Reserve manages long-term assets and handles distributions, funded by the 10% royalties from Netvrk NFT sales, and fees from the Netvrk NFT Marketplace. Its goal is to make Netvrk a sustainable, decentralized, and autonomous entity that benefits its community. The Reserve works in partnership with the Netvrk DAO to review and approve proposals.
The Reserve will be used to distribute royalties to eligible NFT holders and participants, replenish rewards pools for Play & Earn games, fund game and platform development, and support charitable causes.
  • NFT Rewards Distributions: Share royalties with Land, Transport, and Bonus NFT owners based on a weighted system.
  • Play & Earn Pools: Use royalties to replenish rewards pools for the Mine Runner game and other upcoming games.
  • Development: Fund game and platform development, including incubating new gaming and blockchain projects.