Building Guidelines

This section will outline some early thinking about guidelines for building in NetVRk’s world:

Similar to owning large plots of physical land, advantages to owning Large, Giant, and Mega Parcels provide similar benefits and opportunities. Primarily it comes with more surface area and volume to build on, rent off, advertise on, and host different venues or game types that the other parcels are too small to handle. For example, placing a battle royale or concert venue template can draw a large number of users or have the opportunity to grow a community from which the land owner can earn increased energy and potential revenue by advertising or charging an entrance fee via token gating.

NetVRk’s Metaverse is looking to encourage a myriad of building heights in the skyline for each biome. To do so, we are employing a few different strategies to differentiate between benefits for the inner and outer islands, an unlockable tier system for height increases, and DAO involvement in annual design competitions.

Maintaining the vista and a beautiful skyline is a critical consideration in the zoning guidelines of the Inner islands of Genesis Islands. These are denser communities with more opportunities to connect larger parcels. As such, we anticipate a diverse and vibrant landscape of architecture and people who call these parcels home.

Players in the Inner Islands will be able to build 20 meters above and below ground which is inherent to every parcel. Then players will use either energy or premium currency to increase the parcel’s building height to: 150m, 400m, with a max height in the Inner Islands at 830m. The pricing will scale accordingly with the height, and once an increase is purchased, players will retain this value through any future resale of the parcel. The height tiers are to encourage a diverse skyline; while the max height is a reference to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building currently on Earth measured at 828m tall, which players will be able to build a bit taller than!

The draw for parcels in Genesis Island’s Outer Islands will be the ability to build higher than the Inner Islands, to collect more resources nearby in more remote locations, to bask in scenic nature views, and to define a section of the Metaverse as one’s own. Two additional height tiers will be added to the same system as the Inner Islands - this tops out Outer Island parcels at 1200m and a max height of 1600m. While these heights are available in these outer areas, the cost to reach these heights will serve to make these building heights infrequent.

Terrain and Footprint

  1. Every parcel will be able to determine where it connects to a main road; NetVRk’s road system will be made up of different scales of streets: thoroughfares, boulevards, and avenues.

  2. A 1m setback on the parcel will allow for the ground terrain to match how the user transforms the parcel to the metaverse world’s existing terrain. This will also allow directly adjacent parcels a 2m path in between should those parcels not be connected.

  3. Terrain materials are unique to each biome to maintain a degree of aesthetic uniformity to the natural elements of Genesis Islands. For example, an alien biome parcel will have its unique selection of trees, grasses, and rock materials, as will the desert, subtropical, and other biomes. However, biome-specific kits will offer a variety of flora and fauna to choose from.

  4. Each parcel’s terrain height can be transformed up to 20% of the length of your parcel above or below ground. For example, a Large Land parcel at 10,000 sq meters will allow for a maximum of 20 meters total height deformed.

    1. Sloped parcels’ terrain can be edited similarly and adhere to the same transformation guidelines. The 0 point for both max building height and terrain editing is taken from the parcel’s boundary’s highest vertex point

  5. Every building (even if there is only one on the entire parcel) should have a ground-level entry lobby. Suppose the building consists of multiple inaccessible levels via player foot travel. In that case, an interior elevator system will transport the player to each floor or unit above or below.

  6. Any building components cannot exceed your parcel’s footprint below or above ground - the building is limited to within the airspace bounded by the parcel’s footprint.

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