Sea Transports

The XRS Bullet Yacht operates similarly to the X Falcon, with the added functionality of operating as a social space. The yacht can move over water at faster speeds than any other watercraft in the world and transport more passengers than any other private vehicle. While other brands and partners may add water vehicles in the future, the XRS Bullet Yacht is expected to remain the most feature-rich water transport available in the metaverse.

Like the Netvrk aircraft, the XRS Bullet Yacht will not be subject to costs that partner water vehicles may incur, such as prime or premium currency to operate.

As with the other NetVRk vehicles, the XRS Bullet Yacht is an inventory item that can be summoned in locations that allow for docking at the ownerโ€™s request. Because it can operate as a social space, however, there are expected to be rules that govern how it returns to a playerโ€™s inventory if it is currently occupied by additional players.

When operating as a social space, all features available in other social spaces are available. These include chatting and texting, emoting, space customization, social gaming, performing, and the event system.

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