Land Vehicles

Land vehicles in the fully realized metaverse have the most variety and operate in much of the world. They allow a player to travel both the streets of the city center and district hubs, and also allow for off road travel around the various biomes.

Owning a land vehicle in the world also opens up options in the various gaming opportunities, such as tournament races that are restricted to only owned vehicles.

Partner projects and other brand sponsors are encouraged in the fully realized metaverse to add to the available vehicle pool as the world expands. There are standards for racing statistics that are enforced not to allow any overpowering of the racing balancing.

Land vehicles are inventory items and can be summoned as needed around the world. This allows for a player to drive their XS Roadster to a train station, take a train from District 1 to District 4, and then respawn the same Roadster at the train station in District 4 and explore that district. There is no need to drive across all biomes to bring the land vehicle for exploration.

To allow for drivers and pedestrians to peacefully coexist, the system will allow for variations in vehicle collisions. Pedestrians do not need to have concern that they will experience constant vehicle interactions, as the Algorithm that constructed the metaverse is working to protect the inhabitants.

All land vehicles have passenger traits that allow for players to transport other players with them from location to location. Smaller vehicles such as the XS Motorcycle only allow for the driver and one passenger, the XS Roadster allows the driver and two passengers, and the XRS Off-Road Truck allows the driver plus 4 passengers. This feature assists during party play and questing and allows for commercial opportunities (see Commercial Transit).

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