๐Ÿ”‘Use Cases for NetVRk

As a fully-scoped, multi-chain metaverse, NetVRk is primed for easy integration with a wide-variety of technology and brands into web 3.0.


Users can create storefronts in NetVRk where they can list NFTs for sale or trade. These can be fully digital assets or could also be digital representations of physical objects that the buyer can purchase. Users can designate which cryptocurrencies will be accepted as payment in their storefront, as well designate geographic parameters for their clientele.


Netvrk offers a virtual haven for gamers where they can access multiple blockchain games in a single place, while also having the ability to create and monetize games of their own.

Live Entertainment

Live events can be hosted in NetVRk, including celebrity appearances, virtual concerts, conferences, fashion shows, art shows, and more. These events can easily be monetized by selling tickets and merchandise in the form of NFTs.


Universities and colleges can partner with NetVRk to create cheaper and more-accessible education for all. Virtual campuses and classrooms will help remote students connect with their classmates, and technologyโ€”including holographic diagrams and 3D modelsโ€”can assist with learning a multitude of subjects. Education can also be gamified in NetVRk, offering unique reward structures as students learn to earn.


There are innumerable opportunities for advertising, product placement, or sponsorship in the metaverse. Landowners can place billboards on their property, or a brand can sponsor the creation of NFTs in exchange for having their logo incorporated into the design. Ad-space will also be available to purchase throughout NetVRk, including on select NetVRk properties, game lobbies, and storefronts.


In NetVRk, businesses can host virtual meetings, interviews, conferences, sales events, and more! Brands can purchase their own parcels of land or partner with NetVRk to create a private headquarters in the metaverse.

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