Release Phases of NetVRk Hubs

The world consists of multiple biomes. Each of these areas of the world shares a climate, foliage, and species themed to that individual biome. Within each biome will be a Hub, which will generally act as the focal point of that biome. This is generally where the public train will disembark and where the most buildings and land parcels will be centered.

  1. Metaverse MVP: Foundational social and gaming features from which participation and interaction evolves.

    1. Crown Centerโ€™s Holden Plaza is at the heart of NetVRkโ€™s Metaverse, which will host the first look into Partner Clubhouses and a later introduction to eCommerce in the Netvrk Metaverse.

    2. The Desert Racing Hub will be the Vehicle and Racing center for players where they will be able to test drive land vehicles.

    3. The Alien Hub is a lush and scenic wildlife reserve teeming with creatures for players to interact with.

  2. Battle Royale + City Center

    1. The Subtropical Hub will be the setting for the Battle Royale.

    2. Crown Center construction completed with a section for each of the 5 districts.

  3. Unique Outer Hubs

    1. Boreal Hub - Aurora Borealis

    2. Tropical Hub - Volcano

    3. Tundra Hub - Ice Base

    4. Moon Hub - Planets

    5. Desert Hub - Raft City

  4. The Arts

    1. The 3 Tropical Hubs are Performance, Literary, and Visual Arts centers.

  5. Education

    1. The 3 Savanna Hubs serve Higher Education, Kids, and Supplementary education.

  6. Business Districts

    1. The Savanna, Subtropical, and Swamp business district Hubs prioritize different sectors like fashion, furniture, or crypto in the Metaverse.

  7. Entertainment

    1. Grassland Hubs featuring sections and gameplay related to film, television, streaming, and more.

  8. The North + City Center

    1. The remaining northern Temperate and Boreal Hubs will be released along with the Mid and Downtown City Center sections, representing the first areas designed by the Algorithm.

  9. Adult Districts

    1. The remaining Grassland Hubs feature gambling, horror, date destinations, and other scenic locations.

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