Current Challenges and Guidance

As the development team considers enabling the co-building of a single world with many varied partners and interests, many challenges are being uncovered.

Because parcels allow for terrain deformation, but because neighboring plots need to share boundary lines in many cases, rules for how much terrain deformation can happen and at what distance to the boundary line have to be established. Equally, building height and distance to the parcel's boundaries also affect neighboring parcels. So rules are underway to establish good building practices. These guidelines are expected to be available as soon as parcel travel by portals is enabled and importing of buildings is available to landowners.

Some of the initial rulesets being suggested would set a building height restriction based on the proximity to the center of the district. Those parcels furthest from the city center will have the highest allowed height to allow for clear sight lines to the city's center. Even the closest parcel to the center will have the ability to build up to five stories, however. And each landowner will be able to appeal to the DAO if they wish to exceed the building guidelines enacted on them due to their proximity to the district center.

A cost structure will further affect the height of a building. Depending on the proximity to the center of a district, the height to build without any cost will vary, and then second, third, and fourth height tiers will be priced in prime or premium currency on a logarithmic scale. In real-world terms, the cost and value of creating the tallest building will be symbiotic. Those costs and the ramping of the scale will be determined initially by the development team but will be a function that shifts to the DAO as the world progresses.

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