Commercial Transit

All NetVRk vehicles can allow for commercial endeavors. With the fully developed commercial renting and contracting system online, owners can allow their vehicles to be contracted for use by other players, earning owners both prime and premium currency.

Land vehicles with this system closely match an Uber system. Owners may operate or rent their vehicles to other operators to do the work of moving visitors from one location to another for a fee.

Air vehicles can be contracted to our Airport system and compete in pricing with others who make their aircraft available for commercial use. This may require that an inventory item is not available to the player for the length of the airport contract. When under contract, these aircraft cannot land at any landing field and are instead restricted to land at the various airports in the different districts in the metaverse.

Water vehicles can also be contracted in a similar way with similar restrictions as air vehicles. There are expected ports of call about the metaverse that will have the ability to transfer users from one seaside location to another. When a water vehicle is under contract, it will not be available to the owner for the length of the contract.

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