Public Transit

The various districts of the metaverse are linked through a public rail system. This allows players to move by train from station to station, generally located in a central location in each district and biome. While this is convenient for moving into an area, it has the limitation of not arriving at an exact location. Players will rely on other means to move from the station house to their desired location.

Traveling by train is expected to be free for travelers. The train car is a social space that holds some of the functionality of other social spaces, mainly chatting and emoting. It is expected that the cost of hosting this free travel will be borne by the advertising that is posted on these rail cars.

Players can โ€˜skip travelโ€™ from train station to train station for a cost in prime currency. This price will be sent in balance to the amount of prime currency entering the ecosystem and the number of rail travelers who select this option.

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